I’m having a hard time figuring out how I want my docuseries to air.

Traditional tv shows run once or twice a week, but lets face it H&HR is anything but traditional. So the main dilemma I’m facing is whether or not to air each episode once a week or air an episode each time one is finished.

There are a few problems with both…. For instance the traditional 1 episode a week will take quite some time for me to get enough episodes stockpiled enough to air once a week. I’m impatient.

The problem with airing them as I’m finished is if it takes 4 months to make another episode I’m afraid people will lose interest. Although I’m beginning to wonder if anyone has any interest at all! Lmao, I have 3 fans on Facebook (1 being myself, shout out to Cody and Gwen!)/ and 1 follower (myself) of my H&HR blogs!

When I set out to make this reality/docuseries I wanted it to be raw, uncut, and REAL. So my instinct tells me I should air each episode right after its finished. That way the viewer can see the time it takes to make each episode, and the work I put into this fascinating game called horse racing! I’m really trying to get the viewers to connect with the characters and horses as they grow.

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