Flyin south for the summer.

I’m takin some much needed time off from work. Just my baby and I are cruising down i-35 as we speak. Sunday marks our 2 year anniversary and I couldn’t be more excited about being alone with her for the next 5 days!

Earlier she asked me what my favorite moment of these last two years has been… Honestly its all been great! I never thought I would ever, ever ever marry such an incredible woman. I have truly been blessed! Last year we took a trip to Lesotho, Africa that was awesome so that’s on the top of my list for sure. And of course our trip to Maui, Hawaii where we got married!

Our destination is unknown. This cloud covered Texas sky is really eye catching though. The land is so beautiful along 35. It’s so flat and it goes on further than my eyes can see. I can’t help but to think that somewhere underneath these clouds is a man with the same dream I have. He’s probably drenched in sweat on the back of a 2year old colt at this very moment. Holdin on for dear life and prayin for a safe ride and cool breeze. Well hold on young buck, and train him up too. Don’t get too excited though. Just to let you know I’m comin for ya! My arsenal is growing and getting stronger by the day. And soon it will be time to unleash them.

Our trip is going swimmingly! First night we stayed in Austin, Texas. We took a nice jog around the lake this AM after breakfast. I’m so out of shape it’s not even funny! We headed further south to a small Texas town called Fredericksburg. This 1890’s bed and breakfast is pretty sweet! I’m not sure why but I must confess to something… Am I the only one who checks their hotel for hidden cameras?? Haha, like anyone would want to see me naked! I guess maybe its the fact that hotels weird me out anyways… Think about it next time you lay down in that bed or place your head on that pillow…Who else’s head has been here?? Maybe I’m just a little paranoid…

Our road trip soon pressed on and we drove down to San Antonio… By the way the spurs suck! I’m not saying I had a terrible time in SA but this city reminds me why I’m a country boy at heart. We wanted to go to the river walk downtown… And maybe we made the mistake of going on a Saturday night, but it was packed. I’m not into huge crowds. Swimming through piles of dbags and walking in a crowd where people are close enough to whisper sweet nothings into my ear just isn’t fun.

We swung back up to Austin and stayed one more night there because we got an awesome deal on a hotel room. Austin is a cool city. I thought it would be filled with a bunch of pretentious college kids, but the people were actually really nice.

We had to get back to work because unfortunately I still have to work. Not to mention Whitney and I were missing Gator Longfellow, our miniature dachshund! The drive back was a drag, but the ole lady and I made it fun with a little karaoke action. When we finally pulled up to the farm to pick up Gator I saw my dad in the pen with Tutu our prized 19yr old mare. My dad was crouched down holding a cup of something underneath Tutu’s belly. I knew this could only mean one thing…. Colic. The #1 killer of horses. It was time to end the blog and try to figure out how to save her. Wish us luck.

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