Divided States Of America Zimmerman vs. State Of Florida

Zimmerman vs. State of Florida

Well well well, not guilty on all counts. Was I surprised? No. After the Casey Anthony trial nothing will surprise me… Nothing. By now you’ve probably already heard everyone’s 2cents about the trial. Well here’s 2 more. Who was at fault for the start of the altercation we will never know… Face it! Yes Zimmerman shouldn’t have been following… However he was the neighborhood watch and did call 911. And yes TM had time to get home. The injuries Z suffered were the biggest part of this case in my opinion. Without them he would’ve lost the case. Plus the witness saying he or she saw TM on top of Z.

It is a sad case yes and I feel deeply sorry for the family. By now I’m sure you’ve heard the scenarios. If TM was out of high school and 18 would we have heard about the case outside of FL? If Z was black would we have heard anything about this case outside of FL? Probably not. If TM was white or Hispanic decent would we? Probably not… But think about this. If TM was white/Hispanic and Z was black would we have heard about the case? Maybe, probably, yes. Would we hear African Americans taking up for Z or TM in this scenario? Would white people be taking the side of the white guy or the black cop?

I love black people. Actually, I love all people. I think it’s so interesting getting to know someone with a totally different background from me. Especially people from other countries. I have many friends that are African Americans and Hispanic and a few that are Asian.

I am a curious person…. And the reason why I give you these scenarios is because I wonder why Americans usually automatically take up for their race. In this case I find it odd that half of the white and Hispanic people that I talked to about the case swore Zimmerman was guilty before, during, and after the verdict was read. The other half took more of Z’s side of self defense or said there is no way of knowing who started the fight. From the African Americans that I talked to about the case or heard talking about it on the TV, not 1 person said Zimmerman could be not guilty by self defense. Why is that?

Is it possible that not one African American actually thought that Z was not guilty ?
Or is it possible that the half of white or Hispanic people I talked to or watched on TV were not being truthful about how they actually felt about the case?

I would hope if the roles were reversed and TM was white and Z was black I could be honest with my opinion on who was at fault… But who knows if I actually COULD be honest… I would like to think I could be but until I’m put into that situation I will never know. I just find it mind blowing that people usually take up for their race… Sometimes even before knowing the facts. Is it how we’re wired? To take up for people that look more like us. Or are we just sticking together? We are the United States of America. We should be honest with our opinions regardless of what color someone is. We are all related somewhere down the line. We are all God’s children.

Some folks are quick to judge. “Oh they saw a black man with a hood on and figured he was into trouble.” Yes, that happened, happens, and always will happen. But let me tell you something right now, not all white people are racist. We don’t assume that all black people are into trouble. Hell I know plenty of white trash idiots out there! There are bad people of all races and ages. I hear “well you don’t know what it’s like being black.” You’re right I don’t and you don’t know what it’s like to be white. I have been judged though. Because of my age, or the clothes I wear. I know it’s not a good feeling so I try not to do it.

Have you ever stopped to think that ALWAYS saying you’re being racially profiled is actually racially profiling ????

It’s only as much about race as we make it… And until we start to rewire our minds, our children’s minds, and our children’s children’s minds… We will always be the Divided States of America.

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